Thursday, December 21, 2006


Honestly, I could not watch today's AC 360. What a devastating incident to me! I turned off my PC when I left home this morning. How stupid of me!

I found the way to deal with this devastation; reading TRANSCRIPT, a lot of blogs on AC360. But I totally forgot about the best thing, which is watching Video!

I finally got the most hilarious moment of today's show and Anderson is so charming. Sometimes, it is nice to see him without his noticeable intellectual frown.


Delie said...

Hi Mio - I agree with you: could sometimes be precious when you missed an AC 360 show. They recently put online several "The Shot" segments. Today I watched again and again the yesterday's video from my office...
And if you subscribe to CNN pipeline, you can watch lots of AC360 videos.
Your screencaps are great! I love the second. So cute Anderson...

mio_bella said...

Thanx for your comment, Delie.

I was thinking of subscribing CNN pipeline, but I decided not to after watching more than 500 videos while they offer free launch during the election period. I might spend hours and hours online!

Now I found we can watch the most recent one week of AC360 via Video, and use pipeline for three minutes.

I don't know how long I am spending on Anderson! Two-hour program, three-minute pipeline, videso, blogs. I even listen to "Dispatches ... " with my ipod while comminuting. More than 5 hours or so?

Delie said...

5 hours? Ok, I see. Well, I just have the first hour of AC 360 on CNN Int. (European schedule). Don't ask why! It's stupid to cut off this show... That's why I've subscribed CNN Pipeline. I can get the stories of the second hour by this way. I read some blogs about him. So let's say that I spend two hours max per day with him... :-)!
I'm about to be off for a week (no CNN, no internet). Thanks God, I have Dispatches in my Ipod too and some pics of him in my cell phone. A little survival kit !

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your comment.

In Japan, the show is broadcasted from 12:00p.m. to 2:00. I usually go to work at about 3:00. So I am too busy to concentrate on watching the program. TV is on but I am preparing for work. That is two hours.

When I commute, as I said, I listen to Dispatch or some of AC360. That's 30 minutes.

When I come back, I watch the show again. This time, I think I'm pretty much concentrate on the content. (I have to decide the cutest moment for the picture, as well!) Another two hours.

After the show, I write blog, visit AC360 website. for about 30 minutes or so.

Too much! But this is how I study and improve my English. Good excuse, huh?