Saturday, December 16, 2006

"annoying" laugh to me

It is often hard for me to understand what makes Anderson laugh, which is pretty annoying. What was funny about "nightmare"?? Could anybody explain?

Anderson is always so attractive, but I think I could snap another one of the coolest shots for the day's 360. I don't think either red/blue tie or red tie with dots go with him. But I like this dark red tie. It goes with him!
I was pretty amazed to see a 102-year-old woman in the States. She was exercizing using dumbells that looked much heavier than ones I use while I am watching AC360. Also Okinawan eldery people were introduced. They look really full of pep! Happiness is the key to a long life.


Arachnae said...

Hi, Mio - Love your blog. The story Anderson was laughing about was about the guy with the long arms; the dolphins were sick because they'd eaten big pieces of plastic and he saved them by reaching down their throats and into their stomachs to take it out. Some people find that sort of gross. Hence having nightmares about it.

mio_bella said...

Hi, arachnae. Thank you so much for your comment. I'm really happy to see an answer. I at least understood what happened to the dolphins and found it unique. But was it that funny enough to make Anderson laugh until he choked? Anyway, it was really nice to see him laugh. That was so charming.