Friday, November 03, 2006

Interview with Michael J. Fox

I learned a lot about stem cell research and that was really good for me. (I wrote a lot about this matter in my Japanese blog, so I won't write about it in this one.)

During his interview, he kept on looking Micheal square in the face with his piercing eyes just as usual. I was also impressed by Micheal, who is constantly shaking because of his disease. His eyes were just as intent, from which I could tell that he is really desperate to promote stem cell research.

Now it's time to discuss Anderson's suit! I liked today's Anderson. As I wrote before, I don't think white shirt is not good for him, but with this black&white striped tie, he really looks neat. It seems that he wears at least one thing striped recently. Yesterday, he wears striped suit. When he does not wear striped suite, either his shirt or tie is striped.

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