Sunday, October 15, 2006

When will he come?

I cannot stay calm while watching his TV show. He was wearing a blue shirt with a dark red tie, which attracted me a lot. However in the last half, he was wearing a white shirt with shiny blue tie. (Recorded last Tuesday?) Honestly, I did not like that so much. As he's been wearing blue shirt these days, except for Tuesday, I'm finding him more attractive in blue.

The more I get faschinated with Anderson, the more my collegue teases me. The other day, he said,
Matt: If Anderson Cooper is to come to Japan, would you like to meet him?
Mio : What!? What did you say! I cannot take my day off from work. I cannot!

I was almost crying just imagining that situation.

Then I continued;
If North Korea should shoot the nuclear weapon and devastate this town, he would definately come.

Matt: Wow, not a happy thought...

I don't think he would ever come here unless something devastating happens. It seems he loves dangerous places, but he admits that he is a complete wimp. Nobody thinks that way.

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