Friday, October 20, 2006

My Favorite Suit

Some people feel disgusted to see American soldiers attacked by snipers in Iraq. I can understand that, but they can just opt out of the program. If CNN decides not to air the story even though they know it, that will eventually cast doubt of the program and the TV station.

The more I get fascinated by Anderson, the more I feel guilty for focusing more on himself, not what he SAYS. I love this program. I love their devotion to report problems from all over the world. But I admit what I love most is Anderson Cooper himself.

Gee! Anderson and Dan are dressed very similarly!
I like this plain suit, light blue shirt and dark blue tie. I wrote a couple of days ago that I did not very much like Anderson in white shirt. Now I do not understand why I thought that way. He looked wicked in white yesterday. After all, he is eye-grabbing all the time!

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