Friday, October 20, 2006


I couldn't watch my favorite TV program on live and I just saw it. At the beginning of the program, Anderson was standing in front of a large screen displaying a great number of pictures that were killed in the Iraq war. That reminds me of what I learned about World War 2 . We often see these pictures of young members of suicide corps when people describe how terrible thing happened 60 years ago. Just like that, many young people are being killed in the war even today. I cannot help hoping for world peace. It seems that a part today's show created a controversy "Why we aired the sniper video." It is heart breaking for people who lost their loved ones. But this is what is actually happening there. People tend to think that is the matter far from home. I think it is a good way to bring this war closer to you. (I am a Japanese and this may sound too objective.)

Seeing report from Baghdad by Michel, Anderson must have thought that is the place where he should be. He has been there before. The situation is not getting better, which is a good incentive for him to book an airplane ticket to Baghdad.

BTW, Anderson was finally wearing a plain jaket, he's been wearing pin-stripe suit every day, but striped shirt. I loved this tie, as I said before. And of course, I love Anderson.

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