Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Welcome Back!

I went insane when Larry King said 15 minutes before AC360 began that Anderson is finally back!

However I admit that I was a little bit disappointed to see him with this tie, which is not my favorite and does not go with this suit, I think. However no matter what he wears, his personal attractiveness will never fade away.

Here's a chat with my mom at the beginning of the program.

mio: Ugh! This tie doesn't look good.
mom: not only tie but ... (himself).

I've always believed that if asked whether he is attractive or not, 100 out of 100 would say "of course." But this seems not true. Mom is one of the persons who do not think he is handsome.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I thought I coined this word, but when I google it, I find a lot of websites about "ANDERHOLIC." One of them I visited offered Anderholic Quiz. Following is the result I got;

You are a, without a doubt, Anderholic. So you may be a little on the stalker-ish side. But that never hurt anybody! You never miss an Episode of 360, even if you have to tape it. BE afraid, be very afraid.

I have to be very afraid. I know. I am deadly crushed on him and I spend most of my day and night thinking about him. I even saw him in my dream this morning. This is heaven!

How come he attracts me this much? He looks like a billion bucks!

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Favorite Suit

Some people feel disgusted to see American soldiers attacked by snipers in Iraq. I can understand that, but they can just opt out of the program. If CNN decides not to air the story even though they know it, that will eventually cast doubt of the program and the TV station.

The more I get fascinated by Anderson, the more I feel guilty for focusing more on himself, not what he SAYS. I love this program. I love their devotion to report problems from all over the world. But I admit what I love most is Anderson Cooper himself.

Gee! Anderson and Dan are dressed very similarly!
I like this plain suit, light blue shirt and dark blue tie. I wrote a couple of days ago that I did not very much like Anderson in white shirt. Now I do not understand why I thought that way. He looked wicked in white yesterday. After all, he is eye-grabbing all the time!


I couldn't watch my favorite TV program on live and I just saw it. At the beginning of the program, Anderson was standing in front of a large screen displaying a great number of pictures that were killed in the Iraq war. That reminds me of what I learned about World War 2 . We often see these pictures of young members of suicide corps when people describe how terrible thing happened 60 years ago. Just like that, many young people are being killed in the war even today. I cannot help hoping for world peace. It seems that a part today's show created a controversy "Why we aired the sniper video." It is heart breaking for people who lost their loved ones. But this is what is actually happening there. People tend to think that is the matter far from home. I think it is a good way to bring this war closer to you. (I am a Japanese and this may sound too objective.)

Seeing report from Baghdad by Michel, Anderson must have thought that is the place where he should be. He has been there before. The situation is not getting better, which is a good incentive for him to book an airplane ticket to Baghdad.

BTW, Anderson was finally wearing a plain jaket, he's been wearing pin-stripe suit every day, but striped shirt. I loved this tie, as I said before. And of course, I love Anderson.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Heavy-jowled Face

I've never seen such a large jowls! I ccouldn't resist taking this man's picture.
I should have posted dead-sexy Anderson' picture. Sure, I will!

He is just as sexy as ever! I get sooo ecstatic.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Anderson was wearing a darker blue shirt than the one he wore a few days ago. The combination is exactly the same, but I thought light blue shirt goes better with this dark red tie.

The program covered the story of John Karr. He is just a little older than Anderson. I understand this is not a right thing to do, but comparing with Karr, Anderson looks really sophisticated. After looking at Karr's face, he looked even more handsome. This is not just because of his visage, but his face reflects his personal character, intelligence, which attracts me.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

When will he come?

I cannot stay calm while watching his TV show. He was wearing a blue shirt with a dark red tie, which attracted me a lot. However in the last half, he was wearing a white shirt with shiny blue tie. (Recorded last Tuesday?) Honestly, I did not like that so much. As he's been wearing blue shirt these days, except for Tuesday, I'm finding him more attractive in blue.

The more I get faschinated with Anderson, the more my collegue teases me. The other day, he said,
Matt: If Anderson Cooper is to come to Japan, would you like to meet him?
Mio : What!? What did you say! I cannot take my day off from work. I cannot!

I was almost crying just imagining that situation.

Then I continued;
If North Korea should shoot the nuclear weapon and devastate this town, he would definately come.

Matt: Wow, not a happy thought...

I don't think he would ever come here unless something devastating happens. It seems he loves dangerous places, but he admits that he is a complete wimp. Nobody thinks that way.

Friday, October 13, 2006

North Korea Abduction

I am pretty happy that AC 360 covered the story about North Korea Abduction case. Anderson's responce was just "this is a bizarre story." However this is one great step to let the world know about the problem.

I am deeply infatuated with this man. Recently, I cannot help checking his fashion. The combination of a blue chirt and indigo tie is really cool. When I get married, I will definately have a nice fashion sense for my future husband! I don't know when it will happen to me, though.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I was so impressed with his last week's Congo report that I talked about his program to my students. So few students watch CNN but because I am so devoted to him, one of my students got interested, and took his picture! At the beginning of my class, she showed me his picture with her cellphone. As expected, I got too excited to start my class immediately! I tried taking his picture, too. How is it? Handsome.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Killing Fields: Africa's Misery, the World's Shame

During AC's devoted report from Africa, I came to appreciate my daily life. Whenever I dress up for work, whenever I buy snacks or sweets, and whenever I eat something even though I am not hungry, I feel deeply sorry for African people who are suffering from predicaments.

What can I do to help them lead better lives?
I came up with two ideas.
  1. By offering my students plenty of information about Africa. In his report, I think I heard that only a few American people are concerned about those countries. In Japan, even fewer people take notice of the plight there. To us, Africa is literally world away. But there are things we can do to help them. I don't think I will be heading for Africa and help them in the near future. However, if some students got really interested in this problem through my lecture, they might devote themselves to giving support to African people.
  2. By saving every little penny before going to bed. Sending a good amount of money at one time is an easy task. However, you may forget about them as time goes by. At the end of my day, I set up a period of time to think about people in Africa putting some coins into the box. I will definately send the money to people in need.

Today's AC 360 will cover the nuclear weapons testing by North Korea. I cannot wait to see the program.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Addicted to Andy

I suddenly got a crush on Anderson Cooper. I spend most of my day thinking about him and his AC360. I set up this blog to share my love with other Andy-lovers!