Saturday, December 30, 2006

Death of a Dictator

I have been working for really long time and I can't watch AC360 live broadcasting for a week. Today, CNNj said there would be no AC360, but I assumed they would change their plan, so I set the timer before I left for work.
I made it! I didn't miss Anderson today! Yay!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Another Sexy Pronunciation

I'm watching past AC360 to survive the Christmas holiday. And I found another sexy pronunciation.

I was pretty much amazed by myself for having been able to spell this word.

I get so intoxicated! I think Jan (see Dec.13 comments) is right. The way he expands on the vowels really makes me faschinated.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


I was surprised to see the schedule of CNNj on January 1st, which should be December 31st in New York.

They airs 6 of the most popular AC360 shows in 2006 and also Anderson Cooper LIVE from Times Square. I will definitely have a very happy new year.

As I am a beginner of Anderfan, I missed many of the programs they are to broadcast. This time, when I watch them, I will have to record every single program. I will be able to see Anderson on Larry Kind Live again, not on 1st though. That is exactly the time I got interested in Anderson Cooper. I cannot wait to see all of them!

It seems Anderson are taking holidays but I can survive looking forward to that make-me-daydream day.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rubik Cube

I was talking about that Rubik Cube Guy to my beau, who has never watched AC 360.

He said, "I used to lay all colors in order in 40 seconds when I was 13." Some body posted about his/her cousin that can solve it in 12 seconds? My beau was not that good, but still I think it great.

As soon as he told me about this, we went to a toy shop to get one. Sorry, he could not do finish it that fast but he could make it. Now he is so absorbed in this puzzle.

I am wondering how many people got Rubik Cube all around the world since that guy appeared on AC360?

Friday, December 22, 2006


I am not interested in this battle between Trump and Rosie. At first it was really funny, but watching that once is more than enough. Now that Trump and Rosie are catching people's eyes, "controversy" of Miss USA's misdemeanors have vanished into oblivion. Trump's strategy?
However, watching Anderson watch the battle was worth watching over and over again. His kaleidoscope of facial expressions and lots of wrinkles were so charming.
The second half was a review of 2006. It was really nice for me to watch "late news " because I am quite a new viewer of AC 360. I've known this program, but I rarely watched it. Now if I miss only one day, I feel devastating.
Speaking of the past, I made "AnderCalendar" on my website. He has not been absent for almost two months, right?

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Honestly, I could not watch today's AC 360. What a devastating incident to me! I turned off my PC when I left home this morning. How stupid of me!

I found the way to deal with this devastation; reading TRANSCRIPT, a lot of blogs on AC360. But I totally forgot about the best thing, which is watching Video!

I finally got the most hilarious moment of today's show and Anderson is so charming. Sometimes, it is nice to see him without his noticeable intellectual frown.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Miss USA pagent

Watching Miss America coverage,

Blue Shirt

For Friday show, I wrote that Anderson wore his new blue shirt. But it seems it was not a new one. I found that he was wearing that shirt when he appeared in both Larry Kind Live and CBS the Early Show to promote his book.
Finally, I can start watching Tuesday's show. Publish for the program later.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mature Boy

Gee! I was pretty amazed that this student was eloquent in his concern about his religious teacher. Whenever I see Anderson interview with somebody, an interviewee looks less intelligent. But as for this boy, he looked just as intelligent as much-older-highly-successful CNN anchor.
I posted a lot of images of Anderson with the "Rubik Cube Master." Who do you think is more stubborn, Anderson or RCM?
Tyson raised his hand to join this program to cast aside skepticism toward his unique ability. He could not make it on live TV so he tried again after the show.
Anderson, on the other hand, had been really persistent. He did not know when to give up and he let us watch the YouTube video again and again. He says that many viewers were interested but really? There were only 22 comments for 360blog at the time Tyson appeared on Friday show. Wasn't it Anderson that were eager to shoot him down?
This battle finally came to an end when Anderson admitted saying, "We(I) never doubted you."

Monday, December 18, 2006

AGAINST ALL ODDS --Anderless nights--

I am so amazed to watch so many unbelievable stories, or rather, amazed by human being's ability to stay alive.
One man even cut his own arm to survive!! Yikes!!
I must have had a weird facial expression while I was listening to his story, and so did Anderson.
I have been pretty busy these days and I could not watch AC 360 live. Since Friday, I started watching the video of this program from 1:00a.m. and watched half of it. (In Japan, the program is broadcasted from Tuesday to Saturday.) To finish watching two shows, I needed 4 days. That's perfect! Usually, I cannot wait until Tuesday, but this time, I could! I've found the way to survive Anderholidays!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rubik Cube Master

Hooray! Anderson's New Look today! He had his hair cut. Honestly, I did not like his hair style last time, it should look almost the same as usual but somehow, I did not. He has a new shirt and a tie. ... at least this was my first time to see them. He looks even younger and more attractive.

Anderson interacting with the Rubik Cube Master was really cute! This man must have been surprised to see his own video shown in this program. He seemed to be confident enough to appear in this live broadcast.

Anderson has been skeptical about Tyson's ability to put the cube in order, so he intentionally disturbing him, which I found so cute!

I know he doesn't want to be seen him to bite his nail, but he looks so cute.

So, what is a Christian??

The more I saw the program, the more I got confused.
Politics, environment issues, Israel, Darfur, finance ... Everything around us is somewhat related to Christianity.

As for me, I do not have particular religion as is often with most of Japanese people, I believe. But people tend to think that Gods are everywhere, the sun, water, trees, your own belongings and so on. Whatever you do, gods are watching over you. We use the name of "god" to enhance our morality.

Do I sound really ignorant?
To tell you the truth, this topic was pretty hard for me to understand. But I know religion is very important for people around the world and it affects so many fields as I mentioned earlier. I might want to watch this program over and over again.

Anderson's serious look and a finger on his lip looks so cute. We often catch this image, though. I'm posting similar picture again for the next day's program.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

"annoying" laugh to me

It is often hard for me to understand what makes Anderson laugh, which is pretty annoying. What was funny about "nightmare"?? Could anybody explain?

Anderson is always so attractive, but I think I could snap another one of the coolest shots for the day's 360. I don't think either red/blue tie or red tie with dots go with him. But I like this dark red tie. It goes with him!
I was pretty amazed to see a 102-year-old woman in the States. She was exercizing using dumbells that looked much heavier than ones I use while I am watching AC360. Also Okinawan eldery people were introduced. They look really full of pep! Happiness is the key to a long life.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cold eye on Mel

Anderson was being pretty mean on Mel. Apparently, Mel Gibson did not want to be asked about the Jew matter, but sorry for Mel, that is exactly what viewers want to know and I think Anderson's harsh comments and questions to Mel were reasonable.

This tie is one of my favorites. This silver-striped tie really suits this silver-haired sexy anchor.


I sent an email to my favorite program AC360. I really loved it yesterday and I wanted to tell the producers what nice job they've been doing for international viewers as well as those in the U.S.

I've once sent a comment so I knew they'd send me an automatic answer letting us know that they would read our comments but that they would not answer to us individually. Still, it is really nice for me to have an email with the sender "360."

This time, more than that has reached me! The sender is "Anderson Cooper"! It is hard to believe, and honestly, I am still skeptical. Even so, these three words email was enough to make me smile a huge smile:)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sexy Pronunciation

Watching this program is one of the ways for me to improve my English, I've always used this phrase as an excuse for spending too much time on Anderson though. And there's something nice about Anderson's English pronumcion.

I like his /ain/ sound, like "line" "behind" "sign" and so on. Especially, when I heard his voice from earbuds, I go so crazy. That sexy pronunciation directly stimulates my brain and melts me down.

Does anybody think this way?


The other day, my students were learning certain grammatical structure;

  • Hardly had I ... when
  • Scarcely had I ... before
  • No sooner had I ... than ...

and so on.

At that time, I said this to my students;

As soon as Anderson says, "See you tomorrow," he usually opens his laptop.

They all know that I am a big fan of Anderson Cooper. He is not known by so many people here, but now that because of my infatuation, all of my students know him!

See this picture? He is just about to open his laptop. Which site does he desperately want to see? Maybe 360 blog?

I liked today's show brilliant. They cover the story from around the world. That was exactly 360. Since it is 4:00 a.m. and it's time for me to go to bed, I will write details later.

He really doesn't look nice on a red tie.

In front of a red screen, he looked a lot sexier.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

60 minutes

I checked the CBS video again. This time, I found a 11-minute coverage. During this report, I saw anderson in various suit and tie. He must have been really devoted himself to this man who started Abu Ghraib.


At the beginning of the show, I saw big bags under his eyes. (It's a shame I missed the right moment of my picture taking, when we could see distinctive bags of his.) He must be pretty tired. With no wonder. He has not taken break for a long time. Even after the night he went to Turkey/Jordan, or Washinton, he appeared on his program. At least he has two days off on weekend, though.

Honestly, I did not enjoy today's show as much as I always do. How many times do they want us to watch the story of the stranded father? I can understand how moving that story is, but was it that big and important news for American people? And during the second half, Anderson was not in the studio! Actually, nobody but that brilliant screen. Was it "Anderson Cooper 360," or "Paula Zahn Now"?

I was looking for the special programming; How far would you go? What was special about that 5 minutes replay? I already used one of the reports in my English class.

I might sound mean today, but I do not blame Andy. He really needd some times to rest.

It was really nice for me to see tired Anderson.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

60 minutes

Since I live in Japan, there's no way to watch 60MINUTES but access CBS website. At least I could catch a glimpse of this CNN anchor. It's nice to see him outside AC360 although his attire is just as same

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Annoying Laugh?

I really liked to see him analyze how he did on his work that morning. It seems he knew that so many Anderfans outside the States would really love to see him on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Although he denies that is his own distinctive laugh/snort/chortle, his laughter is one of the most attractive parts of his. The big gap between his serious side and that boyish cute laugh makes him even more fascinating. I don't think he should work on that, but I would definitely love the new one when he changes the way he laughs.

I checked and one of the head line I read "Anderson Cooper: Man, my laugh is annoying" At this point, this was the 4th most popular news story. Also I clicked and saw the funny part of the show again!

CNN's Anderson Cooper pokes fun at himself and his recent co-host duty on 'Live with Regis and Kelly.'

He wore the same suit and shirt, but at least he'd changed the tie before he headed for CNN. In Japan, we never see people appear in the same look. I might want to see him change his clothes every time he appears, but I don't think that's a good idea. It is really nice to know Anderson's tastes!

Friday, December 08, 2006

How To Survive

These days, they were covering the story about the missing father, who eventually died in order to ask somebody for help. He moved everyone and now he is a hero.

Anyway, they gave us tips on how to survive in a cold mountain and with your car. A reporter spent a night in a cold mountain! What a hard work it is to be a reporter! I know how much tougher jobs Anderson has gone through, though.

As I wrote the day before, the best thing you can do is just stay. They say they will find you. I was pretty amazed. Are American police, or some other organizations, always finding anything that goint wrong in such vast areas? In Japanese people's point of view, if somebody got lost at a mountain, nobody will find you as long as their family or friends claim that he or she is missing. Oops, I forgot how they find the mother and the two daughters in the first place?

Iraq. I don't want discuss this matter.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Doesn't he feel cold!?

Despite the report from outside, he was wearing exactly the same suit as yesterday's show from the studio. He should have worn a warm coat! From my curiousity, I checked the temperature in Washington. Fot tonight, the lowest temperature will be -4C! I guess last night was just as cold as tonight. I hope he did not bring flu from Washington and that I can see him in a good condition from New York studio.
The Cannon House Office Building. Looks really beautiful.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Honestly, I am finding the Iraq issue more and more boring. I know how important it is for American people. But to me, there seems to be only one solution. Or I am just still ignorant. Anyway, now that Anderson has reached Washington and that he is preparing for Wednesday show, in which Anderson will surely talk more and more about ISG, I should learn more about it. Speaking of Anderson arriving Washington, I checked out the 360 BLOG just after Anderson posted the latest message. Usually there are tons of replies for his post, but at that time, there was none! I might have had a chance to post the first reply! Yet I was clever enought not to post silly thing. I am just too ignorant and this matter is not ours.

I'd rather got interested in the stranded family. What is the most important thing for survival? Everybody, including Anderson, will assume "water" is the most important. However, it is said the number of people that died because of lack of water or food is very few. According to the interviewee, shelter is the most important for survival.

Whenever I see people trying to rescure one person, I realize the importance of warmhearted feeling. But at the same time, more than 100 American were killed in Iraq. You should know what you should do to try to solve the Iraq situation.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Homecoming Night!

I often feel disappointed when he appears with this red and navy tie. I don't think this ties suits him, as I told you before. However, he looked like zillion bucks! I read many people did not like Anderson's bright blue shirt and bright gray jacket with no tie. I am one of them. I did not find him attractive during his visit to Istanbul and Amman.

Tonight, his piercing eyes were back! He gets even morebrilliant after a long trip to cover stories.
I thought I liked him better without ties, but that doesn't seem true. I like him all the time!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

AC in Amman 1

Finally AC was talking with Michael Ware in person. He is always the one inside the screen. I read that Anderson was going to Iraq but it seemed he had to change his plan. Instead Michale came to Jordan to talk about Iraq problem. Actually, I came to like Michael more and more. His way of speaking is cute.

But who is sexier than this guy!?

He looks the sexiest when he is angry at something and talks desperately. I was impressed by the comment at the end of the program. He knows how difficult it must be to solve the situation in Iraq since there are so many opinion about the current situation. But while they were under discussion, "brave Americans were risking their lives every single day." I cannot help hoping for the peaceful Iraq and peace all around the world.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Caught A Cold?

He was wearing this spring suit! It must be very cold out there since he was wearing a heavy coat the night before.

As time went by, I often heard him sniff.
After John's reports from NY studio, there was awkward silence. This might be because there was a time lag, or because he did not want to concentrate on less important news from "Bulletin" or "the Shot." Such reactions must have been very frustrating for John, who has been taking Anderson's place and doing pretty good jobs for his program.
Seeing these facts, it is obvious that he contracted cold during this report.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I finally see Anderson on live! For the first time in these 12 days? I barely managed to stay away from him. So when AC360 started, I went so crazy. I literally collapsed! I must apoligize to him for not having been concentrating on what he was saying for the first few minutes. I was just ecstatic.

When the program started, it was 5:00 a.m. and completely dark. City lights look like gems.

Dawn is breaking.

Now, it is morning.

Blue Mosque.
This is the very place I (or my beau?) would like to visit for our honeymoon. We decided that a few years ago and the chance of going there, or getting married, is really slim.

It is pretty bright in Iraq! That is the neighboring country, isn't it?

Finally, John Roberts Anderstood!